Over three million people are injured in accidents each year – at home, in their cars, at work, or outdoors. In many cases, someone else is at fault and the accident victims have a right to compensation. If you have had a an accident, you may be able to make a personal injury claim from the person/people or company you believe to be responsible for your accident or injury.

What is Personal Injury?

The term Personal Injury is used to describe an injury to the body or mind which has been caused by the negligence of another.
What can you do in those instances where you have suffered an injury?

We at Arshed & Co Solicitors specialise in personal injury claim from road traffic accidents. Although personal injury law is complicated, with the help of Arshed & Co Solicitors the process of making a claim can be quite straightforward. We can help get you the answers you deserve. We will also be on your side in dealings with all parties to ensure that your individual circumstances are fully considered.

You can start by simply calling at Arshed & Co Solicitors on our phone number and speaking to a member of our team for a free assessment.
Where you have suffered from a personal injury due to a road traffic accident through no fault of your own, we can pursue a claim for compensation to help you with the costs of treatment and recovery, so you can get your life back on track.

So, if you want answers, why not call us today.

We offer a free initial assessment and will be able to tell you if you have a justifiable claim.

What can I claim for?

Some of the things you can claim compensation for when making a personal injury claim are:-
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of amenity
• Loss of earnings (past and future)
• Cost of care
• Cost of medication
• Cost of private medical treatment

What amount of compensation can be expected?

The amount of compensation depends on the degree of damage and lasting injury. Every case is different, even if the nature of the injury is similar to someone else’s. Therefore each case has to be assessed on its own merits.

We obtain reports from independent medical experts to assess the extent of injuries based upon the type of injury, symptoms and their duration. We will advise if possible on the likely range of compensation you could receive upon review of the expert’s conclusions. The likely range of compensation will be worked out according to guidelines laid down by the courts, which ensure that similar claims are granted similar amounts of damages.

Personal Injury time limits?

The period for bringing a personal injury compensation claim is three years from the date of the negligence or the date you first knew (or could reasonably have been expected to know) that injury had been caused through someone else’s negligence.

For children the period by which court proceedings must have commenced is 21 years of age (ie 18 years plus three years).
However the courts can exercise discretion in certain circumstances by extending the period that the claim can be brought if there is good reason that it was brought within the specified period.

If in doubt, call Arshed & Co Solicitors for a free case assessment.

Legal costs

If after the initial free assessment, you decide to proceed and we believe that you have reasonable prospects of success; we will deal with your claim on a Conditional Fee Agreement or better known as ‘no win no fee’. We will tell you where you stand in relation to any costs and fees that you are likely to have to pay – win or lose and steps that we can take to protect your interest.

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